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Office Users
 / line-extension / month
(physical line / voicemail extension)

Line-Extension:  a phone location where a call can be answered per phone number.
For Example:  If you have two (2) separate phone numbers (lines) that can be answered on four (4)  phones (extensions), you have a total of (2 lines) x (4 extensions) = 8 line-extensions


 Additional Options

Virtual Users
$9.99 / extension / month
(non physical line / extension /voicemail)


Common Areas
$19.99/ line-extension / month
(lobby, conference room / no voicemail)


Additional Phone Numbers
(1) include w/ every plan
$19.99 / month per additional number

(phone numbers associated w/your account)


Toll Free Numbers
$19.99 / month
($0.20 cents per minute – incoming calls)

(800,888,877 numbers)


Additional Office Locations
1 location included w/ every plan
$19.99 / month per additional location

(physical office addresses for physical lines)


Select Your Business Plan:   

Select Service Type:*       Standard  SLA (Shared Line Appearance)

*Standard: ($45 setup/line) Typical setup w/ ability to receive & transfer calls.  
  SLA: ($75 setup/line) Users can share line activity and status on all phones.


Monthly Payment

 plus taxes
setup fee

Phone / Equipment Quote





Standard Office Phones


Linksys SPA901 IP 1 line phone
$90.00 / phone
1 lines - 1 Ethernet port


Linksys SPA942-NA IP 4 line phone
$120.00 / phone
4 lines - 2 Ethernet ports


Executive Phones

Cisco SPA962-NA IP 6 line phone
$247.00 / phone
6 lines - 2 Ethernet ports


Cisco SPA525G 5 line phone
$362.00 / phone
5 lines - Wireless - 2 Ethernet ports












Phone / Equipment

 one time purchase


 monthly equipment maintenance fee

(During 2 year contract minimum, phones are provided with a maintenance fee. 

Maintenance fee covers malfunctions, replacements, hardware/software upgrades.  NOTE:  This does not cover client-based incidents if phones are broken, damaged due to liquid spills, or other customer-relaed faults on phones)

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