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SMITHSolutions uses your current high speed connection to the internet to deliver quality VOIP phone service to your home or business (i.e. Voice Over Internet Protocol).  Even for mobile personal use, we have a SMITHSolution that fits your needs and is ready for you to use today!

PROBLEM: Is there an economical executive-style phone system with all of the premium features of unlimited calling, voice-to-email or text options, portable to any location where there is an internet connection and that is scalable for any size business or home?

THE SMITHSOLUTION: Yes! Just order as many phones as you need for each line/extension in your home or business and activate your account online.  OR order a SMITHSolutions adapter and keep your existing hardware.

Solve your Phone Problems In Just 3 Easy Steps:

1. Order a Feature or Service Plan

2. Select Phone Equipment
(If applicable)

3. Configure Your Service

...and that is it!  You are up and running with your SMITHSolutions Phone Service.

Home / Residential Use

We have the best solution for your home...a SMITHSolution!  SMITHVoIP services provide remote office-style functionality for your residential use. 

You have two options:

  1. Use Your Own Phones (requires SMITHSolutions adapters by Linksys)
    Want to keep your own phones (wired or cordless)?  Just use one of our adapters for your whole house!  Connect your internet jack into our adapter and connect the other part of the adapter to your existing home wiring port to service all of your jacks.  And that’s it!  Cordless phones work best at times in apartments and home scenarios as well.  Whichever you choose, it is easy to get start in your home with a SMITHSolution!

  2. SMITHSolutions Premium Office Phones
    Want the professional look in your home without connecting adapter?  Mount this on the wall in your kitchen or in the living room.  Just plug up one of our phones directly to your internet jack (or ethernet switch) and that’s it!  Your SMITHSolution is working right away once the lights turn green!!!  It can’t get any more simpler than this. 

    Oh, are you moving too?  Just pick up the phone and go!  Don’t have to worry anymore about switching your number to a new location.  Just log into your account interface and switch your home address with us.  We’ll do the rest.  Instantly, your home service is ported as long as you have your phone with you. 

Corporate / Small Business / Nonprofit / Office Use

Now that you’re in business, you need a premium-style phone system with “ALL” the corporate functions for your professional, mobile or scalable needs.  Whether you are a fortune 500 business, church, membership-based nonprofit organization or a entrepreneur with just 1 - 5 employees, we have a SMITHSolution for you. 

    Interoffice functionality - Multiple Phones (1 site)
    SMITHSolutions provides the ability to have multiple phones at one location for your business.  It doesn’t matter how many lines, just let us know.  We’ll make a customized solution for you.  Just click, ship and start calling today! 

    Multiple Sites - Multiple Phones (x sites)
    Is your business all around the world?  No problem, just click and ship the phones to the locations of your choosing. SMITHSolutions can handle any number of lines and ensure your business is always intact! 

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