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Founded in 1999, SMITHSolutions is an information and technology company in the business of providing quality solutions for the government and commercial sector.  Our particular expertise centers on systems engineering, database administration & development, application development, web development network systems administration and software systems engineering.

With clients ranging in industries such as health, education, government, fashion, and the arts, SMITHSolutions has become a key resource for information and technology solutions and services for a variety of organizations.

Information Technology (known as IT) is used by the majority of all business on earth. Used primarily for convenience, IT has revolutionized our society to be more productive and mobile. Successful IT solutions depends on only two things:  the identification of data to yield useful information and comparable technology to address the needs of such data.  Understanding this, SMITHSolutions was incorporated to address the technological and informative needs of our community.

Therefore, SMITHSolutions markets itself as an information and technology company.

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